EMBO Workshop on Wnt signalling:
Stem cells | Development | Disease

October 6-9, 2014
Cable Beach Club Resort, Broome, Western Australia

Broome: Where the sky meets the land, the desert meets the sea, where white sands, red rocks and cobalt blue waters come together; on a peninsula not more than 15km long, here rests the town of Broome.
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Wnt ligands are key regulators of development, stem cell biology and regeneration. The dynamic control of Wnt signaling regulates basic cellular processes including cell proliferation, differentiation, migration and apoptosis. Recent advances in our understanding of signaling mechanisms have provided the tools and conceptual framework for the analysis of Wnt deregulation in disease, leading to the emergence of early-stage therapies for the treatment of disease. Further details about Wnt Meetings may be found on the Wnt homepage.

Keynote Speaker: Hans Clevers (NL)  
Plenary Speakers: Tony Burgess (AU) Randall Moon (US)

Invited Speakers: Stephane Angers (US) Christophe Marcelle (AU)
  Mariann Bienz (UK) Philippe Merle (FR)
  Alan Clarke (UK) Christof Niehrs (DK)
  Feng Cong (US) Owen Sansom (UK)
  Trevor Dale (UK) Hitoshi Sawa (JP)
  Frederic de Sauvage (US) Steven Stacker (AU)
  Xi He (US) Patrick Tam (AU)
  Beric Henderson (AU) Marian Waterman (US)
  Stefan Hoppler (UK) Karl Willert (US)
  Akira Kikuchi (JP) Dan Wu (US)
  John McAvoy (AU) Terry Yamaguchi (US)
  Meeting Flyer  

• Basic mechanisms of signal transduction and their role in development

• Wnt interactions with other signaling pathways

• Human oncogenesis and other diseases

• Therapeutic targeting and drug development

All participants must pre-register prior to the conference. Pre-registrations will not be accepted after the deadline date - May 5, 2014.
In the event that the meeting is over-subscribed, preference will be given to those submitting abstracts.

• Pre-registration and abstract submission closes May 5, 2014

• Accepted delegates notified May 19, 2014 by e-mail

• Registration and payment deadline May 30, 2014 | Cancellation deadline July 7, 2014

General registration details
Click here for Registration details: Scientist | Student | Sponsor
Accommodation options: Cable Beach Club Resort | Student accommodation - eMail for details and payment form.
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There are a restricted number of tables available for the meeting. Book and make payment early to secure your place in the sun for this seminal meeting. Posters, social events, teas and lunches as per the program are with the Exhibition. See Exhibition Prospectus for details.

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Endorsed by ANZSCDB - The Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology

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